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by chad on September 7, 2011

You have landed on this page because you are looking for a free minecraft download! Well I am not going to disappoint and am going to tell you that you are in the right place to get a free minecraft download! Keep an eye out this week or bookmark this page as the adventure update for minecraft 1.8 download will be up and running hot! The adventure update and all future

free minecraft download

will be on this site the same day it is released for everyone.

One of the reasons for getting a free minecraft download I have previously outlined in one of my past posts, is because I want users to be able to play the game before purchasing the game so they can get a feel for the game. The free minecraft download provides that. If you enjoy the game, then please support the developers by purchasing the game. The 1.8 adventure update for minecraft will be one of the biggest hits this year and a milestone indeed for minecraft. If you are looking for a free minecraft download, then please direct your attention to the top of the site there is a banner which displays the most current version of the free minecraft download as well as the changelog and a tutorial on how to install it.

To install minecraft, first you need the files and you also need Java to run the program. If you’re having a bit of trouble installing the free minecraft download, then there is a tab on the very top of the site that guides you visually with screenshots and there is a youtube video that will guide you as well. Though the free minecraft download for that youtube video is a much older version, the same rules still apply and will still work for this and future versions as well. I hope you guys will enjoy the free minecraft download that we provide the links for but do not host on this site.

free minecraft download

my new real home!

We have always had the latest version of minecraft for free on this website. The site, free minecraft has come ever since the infdev versions when it was still around version 1.13. We have a good track record and have bought multiple licenses for the game as we appreciate what a good job the developers are doing on the game and want everyone to know what they are missing out on. Get your minecraft free download and play what everyone is raving about! There are two things I am currently looking forward to this summer. One is of course minecraft 1.8, the adventure update! I have been looking forward to this ever since the trailer was released a few days ago! Looking foward to all the mining and animal updates and more!

Anyways I have said too much about minecraft for now. The Free minecraft will be available on the 1.8 version probably within the next three or four days or two if notch decides to release it early. Those developers at Mojang have got their hands full with the new version and to be honest I will be posting the updates for the version 1.8 but there will probably another three or so versions released right after 1.8 gets released because of small bugfixes. Remember the free minecraft download of version 1.7? By the time I had posted 1.7 there was 1.7.1 and by the time I posted 1.7.1 there was 1.7.2 and so on! So be ready to update a bunch of times in order to be kept up with the bug free version. Keep updated with the site and keep checking it or add our rss feed so you can be notified when changes take place!

Well that is all for now, subscribe to our RSS feed or bookmark the site and be ready for the release of minecraft 1.8, the adventure update! Be hasty and grab the

free minecraft download



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