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Date Added: 4/4/2012
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Minecraft 1.2.3 Free Download

by chad on March 5, 2012

Minecraft 1.2.3 Download FREE



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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed light bug at height 255.
  • Corrected Zombies and Skeletonsnot burning in sunlight.
    • With this, fixed all natural light (not torchlight) being 1 lightlevel darker than it should be, except at world creation.
  • Corrected birch and spruce saplings not growing at height > 127.


  • Tall grass, flowers and mushrooms under shade / darkness will light up the tile 1 more than it should be.
  • Doors cannot be placed in snow, unlike other blocks which will replace the snow.
  • If a Redstone Lamp is destroyed and picked up while it is ON, it will be considered as a different block type to its OFF counterpart.
  • Aggressive Mobs will sometimes stop and spin circles, then continue attacking the player.
  • Cave spiders pushed by water will stop when running into any solid or non-solid block, even when there is an empty space below them.
  • Some entities will at times act as if they are not present, even though they are. They cannot be interacted with, and clicking on them will cause things behind them to activate, as if they weren’t there. These are not the same as the “ghost entities” bug that existed previously, as the entities in question are actually there and can often be interacted with both before and after this bug is observed.

Credit: Minecraft Wiki

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