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Minecraft 1.8 Download Free Download

by chad on September 1, 2011

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about the release of the minecraft 1.8 download which will be available probably within the next two weeks. SO! Who’s excited for the adventure update? Minecraft 1.8 will have a butt load of features as it’s the adventure update. One of the coolest things that are introduced in minecraft 1.8 free download is the ENDERMAN! Basically this new guy will strike you from the back when you aren’t looking! When you are looking at him he looks like a statue. Freaking creepy! However using a diamond pickaxe you should be able to chip at him pretty easily. This is just one of the few things added in minecraft 1.8.

minecraft 1.8 download

the enderman! only in 1.8

Another thing that will be in minecraft 1.8 which will be available via the minecraft 1.8 download in the above will be poisonous food! This way whenever you eat anything you never know whether you’ll end up dead or ok! This is just one of the few things that are in Minecraft 1.8 which again is available on the site with minecraft 1.8 download for free.

However one of the unfortunate things with the new minecraft 1.8 torrent download is that saved worlds might not be compatible with the new 1.8 version of minecraft. This isn’t confirmed yet though because notch is still developing the new version of minecraft. As with every update, there are new crafting recipes and everything in the minecraft 1.8 download and new mobs and new places to go. Well, it is the adventure update after all right? That’s what you’ll get in the minecraft 1.8 download.

So why is it called the adventure update? It’s because when you play minecraft in the 1.8 version, then you’ll realize why it’s called the adventure update. First get minecraft 1.8 free by getting the minecraft 1.8 download and then run the game. The key feature is that the game should feel like more of an adventure from beginning to finish instead of feeling like you need to do this and need to do that and more. Overall, once you get the

minecraft 1.8 download

you will see why it’s called the adventure update.

There are also improved UI improvements such as lighting and HUD improvements. Overall the game is starting to get into its polished state and is starting to become a bug free game, and after this update the official game might be released! Minecraft 1.8 download might be one of the last updates and then we’ll be in the official releases. New farming, and new seeds might make an effect on items dropped and monsters. Download Minecraft 1.8 within the next week. Get ready to get the

minecraft 1.8 download

today while it’s available.


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