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Minecraft Beta Free Download

by chad on September 24, 2011

The minecraft beta free download is available on this site always on the top most section where you can find the latest version of minecraft beta, which I think is currently version 1.9 but that is a pre release. The actual latest version is version 1.8 which can also be found in the change log page which has all the versions of minecraft listed and you can find them easily. I would like to talk bout the beta histories from the beginning of possibly 1.6.0 and onward. I will outline the important changes that took place since the early days of the beta.

In 1.6, they finally added things like trapdoors and craft able maps. Along with the bunch of bug fixes in the version this was a pretty big update that added server stability. Along with all the other updates, there was a slurry of other updates that followed the stable release. There was 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 and so on that came out after a few days after it came out. It was a pretty big mess that followed afterwards. For example, whenever a bug was fixed another bug would come out. This happened with 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 and even in 1.6.4 and these three updates would come out within the same day! It was chaos for minecrafters to try to play the new version and for minecraft beta free download it was a big pain to keep updated with all the new versions.

minecraft beta free download

Finally beta!

Within the next few days 1.6.5 came out and that fixed a bunch of bugs and brought upon more bugs as well but this was a big step in updates as the memory bug was fixed but a lot of more bugs were introduced. Three days later 1.6.6 came out and fixed more bugs and we can safely say that this became the stable release. Phew, a period of over six days of updates and we finally got a stable release! We went a long while without a new update and minecraft beta free download was dormant for a while.

Look ahead a month and 1.7 was the new version that everyone wanted. 1.7 added a TON of items and crafting like pistons, shears, and a lot of new textures for blocks and a lot of new techniques and crafting. 1.7_)1 came out a few days later and it fixed a few bugs but there were not many things that needed to be fixed which is why it was labeled _01 and not a solid release. 1.7.3 was a pretty big update released in july that fixed a lot of old bugs and new bugs and we did not see a big release for a long time. The

minecraft beta free download

lay dormant as there was a lot of bug fixes and updates that needed to be released.

This month of September however we have gotten a lot of updates! First of all on the 9th of September, the released of 1.8 came out and it was pretty much a big beta test for the adventure update that would be released within the month.  A second pre release came out in the next few days and in the next week 1.8 the official adventure update came out which added achievements, sprinting and a food system, creative game modes, new blocks and crafting recipes that pretty much made this the best update ever released in minecraft beta free download that was pretty  much bug proof because of all the bug testing that was done before.. Minecraft beta free download came up with updates for these pre releases very quickly.

1.8.1 fixed a few bugs and then now, the pre release of 1.9 has come out. We are looking to get the official minecraft 2.0 to come out within the next two months! we are just as excited as everyone for the official version of minecraft. Enjoy the

minecraft beta free download

while the game is still in beta!

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