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by chad on September 24, 2011

Hey there! You have come to the right place if what you are looking for is the Minecraft Download. You have done a great search in order to get the free Minecraft Download and I can finally tell you that you have come to the right place as you will be able to get minecraft for free right here on this webpage. Bookmark it so in the future whenever you need a new minecraft version or when there is a new pre release that is coming out you know where and how to get it.

The Minecraft Download is available on the top middle of the page where the orange bar is and with the dirt block is also the latest version listed with the date it was added and the latest change logs and download link which takes you to a page where all the previous versions are listed. It is pretty self explanatory in order how to get it but if you want to read more about the minecraft download then keep on reading!

Over a thousand people visit our site every day so that it is very dependable that we get people what they want in order to keep them from coming back. Since the last versions of minecraft have been released, the site has been able to grab links for the latest versions of the minecraft download in order to get them on this site so everyone can have access to a minecraft download client and start building things they want!

So what is the point of grabbing minecraft from this site instead of other sites that also offer minecraft for free? Well for one, I used to also grab minecraft from other third party sites before but most of the time those files ended up infected or bundled with advertising packages or something of those sorts. So I brought it upon myself to sort through the minecraft links and find working ones so people would not waste their time going through all those links to find the working versions of minecraft. With this site, you can just get the Minecraft Download without needing to do all that to just get the latest minecraft version.

minecraft download

every since the early days!

If you take a look at the download page, you will notice that we have a good track record of finding the latest minecraft versions ever since the beginning of minecraft download, like version 1.0 of alpha when the game was still in the inf dev form. One of the few things that we have working for us is that the minecraft download is always available on our website and you can count on this website always being up when a new version is out. For instance when the last version, the pre release of 1.9 came out, the website was updated with the newest version within the first two hours of release! And to make it even more staggering, let me tell you that the

minecraft download

for 1.9 was released in the middle of the night! Now how is that for dedication? Yeah yeah! We make our visitors proud.

Anyways, that’s all from the blog for now. Remember to have a great rest of the summer and if you ever need any versions of the minecraft download, now you know where to get them. The handy bubble that pops up on this page tells you in a few sentences what this site is all about and where to get the minecraft download if you need it. Leave a comment if you felt like this post was helpful to you and be sure to bookmark us or like us on facebook or give us a +1 on google! Enjoy and enjoy your

minecraft download


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