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Minecraft for Free

by chad on September 23, 2011

minecraft for free, what is this all about? This page is dedicated on telling you how to get minecraft for free. If you have ever searched this term on google you probably saw a site called minecraft for free dot com that has an integrated browser that allows you to play minecraft freely but is browser dependent. One of the first huge problems I can see with this is that it requires you to have an active internet connection to be able to play minecraft. The second problem is that you will not be able to pick which servers you start minecrafting in so that you will not able to play on other friends’ servers which is a big bummer. That is why we have this site where you can get minecraft on your desktop or laptop to play the game.

minecraft for free

Sup! Get minecraft for free

Minecraft for free is not about just getting the game freely and not supporting the developer.  To purchase the game you can always go on the official site to purchase the game and create an account. We also give away free minecraft accounts pretty much daily or weekly to all fans of minecraft. If you want the laggy browser version then feel free to use minecraft for free but be warned if your browser crashes or if you accidentally clear your browser history then you might accidentally also delete your world. That is why we have brought free minecraft to you! If you need minecraft for free, consider visiting our site more often, as we have all the versions of minecraft in the forms of links to third party sites that host minecraft.

If you want to know how to install minecraft then we have that tutorial for you above on the very top. We tell you how to handle all the files that come with the minecraft download. We will help you all the way in order to get minecraft free so you can begin to appreciate the world of minecraft and the world of notch! I am working on a video guided tutorial that will show you visual learners how to install minecraft on your home pc without any hassle. Once you get up and starting to run minecraft., then you will find out what to do.

Basically when you first run minecraft youw ill be in an empty world and you will probably have no idea what to do. Here are some points. to move around, use the WASD keys or use the left up down right arrow keys to move. use your mouse buttons to craft or the access your inventory. The rest is up to you! Whatever you choose to do beyond this is up to you and that is the whole point of minecraft! Then you can come here where you got

minecraft for free

and post your minecraft experiences.

Well, that is it from the blog of free minecraft! Enjoy your copy of minecraft and do not forget to like this or give us a google +1! Enjoy your experiences in the world of minecraft and lets begin to play

minecraft for free


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