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Minecraft Free and Always Updated

by chad on September 7, 2011

Hey guys, if you’re reading this then chances you are looking for a free version of minecraft free. If you have ever wondered about how to get minecraft free then you are in luck as this is the place to get it! Minecraft for free is always available on our site for free but we do not host any versions of minecraft free. They are hosted on file sharing websites. Anyways, we always have the newest versions of minecraft for free on the website. The adventure update, minecraft 1.8 download, will be available shortly next week and minecraft free should be the website you get it at for free!

minecraft free

the things you can make with minecraft free!

Now, I don’t recommend using the free version of minecraft to play minecraft like a minecraft free trial. If you’ve played a lot of the minecraft free version then I would recommend you purchase the game! I myself have bought a copy over a year ago and have bought over five copies for friends. Actually, in the future I plan on hosting free raffles for minecraft keys if you guys would be interested in that. If you guys are looking for a minecraft free trial then this is the perfect place to get it. Above this post there is a bar that displays the most current version of minecraft which will be minecraft 1.8 the adventure update!

One of the advantages of playing minecraft for free is that for one you can play the game first handed while not investing anything. Obviously i’m not talking about pirating the game. i’m talking about testing the waters of the most popular and addictive game of this time, minecraft free, and then making a decision on whether to purchase the game or not. This site nor I condone piracy and none of the minecraft versions are hosted on this website. We just think that playing the game first handed will want to make you purchase the game for real and thus supporting the creators!

All versions of minecraft have been posted for the past year and half ever since 1.13 and it was in the infdev versions. Since going from alpha to beta we’ve always had the newest version for our users. The survey pop up from clicking the links blocks bots and other people from automatically downloading and promote pirating of the software.

In short I know you are all looking for minecraft free which is why you are on this site to begin with! If you are looking for instructions to install minecraft free then in the top link there is a small tutorial on how to install minecraft the minecraft free version. There’s also an instructional youtube video I uploaded that you can see on how to install it without any issues.

If you’ve liked this post or found it helpful on how to get Minecraft free, then please share or give this post a +1 or a like! Let others know about minecraft free and how great this game is. I’ve posted many times about minecraft and it is clear that this game is here to stay for the ages and is going to go down as one of the greatest games in gaming history.

Another thing we’re looking forward to adding are skins and templates for minecraft free as well. It will include a custom skin installer which will feature a drag and drop interface for all versions of minecraft starting with 1.64 and above. Those that are looking for just the free version of minecraft free check the banner on top to access the minecraft download links. Enjoy the game and don’t forget to share this post if you’ve found it helpful! See you guys later and enjoy your

minecraft free




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