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by chad on September 22, 2011

One of the things I have always wondered about is how to play minecraft free. I have tried other sites like play minecraft for free but they only allowed support in the browser. One of the things that I tried after that was downloading it from third party sites and most of the time it did not work either that or the file was corrupt. I made it up to me to create this site to create a central hub that would provide minecraft for free where people can play minecraft free and be sure to get the right versions whenever they are released.

This was so long ago as freeminecraft has been online for over a year now. I remember at this time last year we first heard about the halloween update that was going to feature the ghast! How long ago that was! I am sure that I have provided minecraft to many fans and boosted sales for the creator when the fans enjoyed the game so much they ended up purchasing it! I always believe that if you play minecraft free you will be addicted! When I first started playing minecraft for free I remember that I did not even go to school for like three days where I would just play minecraft all day and try to build my ultimate house creation. When I was in chemistry class I would draw minecraft sketches about my perfect house!

play minecraft free

the entrance to my house!

With the new version minecraft 1.8 download, things have spiraled out of control! The amount of traffic that I have had to move hosts to accommodate the traffic. After minecraft 1.8 came out the release of 1.8.1 came out which had some bug fixes that fixed a couple of things. If you want to play minecraft free, the latest version is always listed on the front page on the big orange banner next to the dirt block! Notch said that there would be a release tomorrow but none of us know what it is about.

I would like to hear some feedback about what you guys think about the site. I have done quite a few designs and I would like to know the one that feels like navigation is the easiest on. I used to use the blogging pro theme and recently switched to this one where I could always advertise the newest version on top of the site. If you want to play minecraft free, you would know where to look within the first few seconds of entering the site. Though I currently have not finished the site, it is starting to look like what I expected the site to look like when I was finished.

One of the few things I have not added yet to freeminecraft are the sidebar widgets and advertisements! I need to bring in some monthly revenue to keep you guys able to play minecraft free and hopefully I can write my own ebook on tips on how to get better at minecraft and how to improve your minecraft skills quickly and efficiently. When you

play minecraft free

, you will soon realize that there is a lot to learn about minecraft and that the game is not easy to pick up within your first few minutes of playing.

Well that is all from the blog of free minecraft for the moment! If you have enjoyed playing minecraft for free then please leave a comment about your experience below! I always enjoy providing you guys the experience to play minecraft free so keep on crafting and keep on mining! I hope you see you on the servers after I complete my server script that will tell you available minecraft servers and the status of them! So stay tuned for that! Cheers guys and remember if you want to

play minecraft free

, you have come to the right spot.

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